Sales Management | 2 – 8 day programme

This programme is focused on developing the skills needed by professional Sales Managers in a fast moving and competitive market place. Managers will learn to use a range of sales management tools and skills that will enable them to lead their sales teams to achieve outstanding results.

The programme can be delivered in a modular block format that will take the manager through the comprehensive sales management process. Each programme is tailored to meet the specific business requirements of the client (product, sector or service) and to enable Sales Managers to operate in line with internal systems and processes. 

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As a result of attending this programme participants will be able to use a variety of strategic tools / techniques to lead their team to achieve outstanding sales results.

  • Role of the sales leader
  • Sales leadership style
  • Strategic sales planning
  • Opportunity management and sales prioritisation
  • Setting, tracking and achieving stretching targets for the sales team
  • Sales process and funnel management
  • The sales cycle and customer’s buying process
  • Creating value for the customer
  • High performance coaching skills
  • Managing the sales process to drive results
  • Customer relationship management
  • Running effective sales meetings
  • Managing effective sales calls
  • Resourcing a sales team
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