Running Virtual Meetings | 1 -2 day programme

This programme is aimed at individuals who want to develop their existing meeting skills, so that they can apply them effectively to running virtual meetings.

It will enable participants to understand the role of virtual meetings in today's business environment and equip them with a set of strategic processes and skills they can use to plan, run and follow up effective virtual meetings.

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As a result of attending this programme participants will be able to design engaging virtual meetings that are aligned to business objectives and take into account cultural and geographical differences.

  • The role of virtual meetings in today's business environment
  • Planning virtual meetings
  • Introducing virtual meetings to new and existing teams
  • Maximising participation in virtual meetings
  • Navigating an agenda in a virtual environment
  • Ideas generation, problem solving and decision making in a virtual environment
  • Recording virtual meeting minutes, actions and outputs
  • Using technology to deliver virtual meetings
  • Planning to overcome common barriers to effective virtual meetings including cultural and geographic considerations
  • Following up virtual meetings
  • Maintaining group momentum post virtual meeting
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