Recruitment and Selection | 2 – 3 day programme

A practical programme focused on developing effective and professional recruitment and selection skills.

This programme is designed to enable participants to learn the principles of designing, implementing and evaluating effective recruitment and selection processes, as well as the practical skills to participate in the process.

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As a result of attending this programme participants will be able to design, implement and evaluate an effective and legally compliant recruitment and selection process.

  • Designing an effective recruitment and selection process that meets business needs
  • Using a variety of selection tools:
    • Job profiles and person specification
    • Application forms and CV's
    • Competency based interviews
    • Psychometric, personality and ability tests
    • Assessment centres
  • Understanding and complying with employment law
  • Strategies for ensuring that processes are objective, fair and consistent
  • Methods of evaluating recruitment and selection processes
  • Managing challenging situations
  • Managing candidate feedback
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