Presentation Skills | 2 day programme

This programme has been designed to develop professional presentation skills. It will equip individuals with the frameworks, practical tools and presentation techniques to design and deliver high impact presentations. Individuals attending this programme will be able to work on and refine their own presentations to communicate information in a concise, memorable and professional manner.

In order to accelerate the performance of each participant, presentations are filmed and analysed by the individual, the group and the trainer.

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As a result of attending this programme participants will be able to design and deliver effective and professional presentations that are aligned to meet the needs of their audience.

  • Principles of designing effective presentations
  • Planning and structuring a business presentation
  • Delivering presentations with impact
  • Advanced communication techniques
  • Using body language and voice projection
  • Building rapport with the audience
  • Managing difficult situations and disruptive people
  • Dealing with questions in presentations
  • Presenting to customers
  • Filmed and group feedback
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