Leading Virtual Teams | 2 day programme

This programme has been developed to give line managers the skills and techniques they need in order to lead virtual teams to achieve short and long term business goals.

Throughout the programme, managers will explore the challenges that are specific to virtual teams and will learn how to adapt their leadership style and approach to turn these challenges into positive aspects of a virtual way of working

This programme is initially delivered in a face to face environment and is supported by a number of virtual follow up sessions.

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As a result of attending this programme participants will be able to overcome geographic and cultural barriers to form an effective virtual team that is structured and aligned to achieve business objectives

  • Understanding leadership in a virtual environment
  • Managing teams and individuals remotely
  • Structuring a virtual team
  • Building trust and developing virtual relationships
  • Harnessing cultural diversity
  • Maximising individual involvement
  • Managing difficult situations in virtual teams
  • Effective problem solving and decision making in virtual teams
  • Using virtual teams to reduce costs
  • Measuring and tracking virtual team performance
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