Essential Sales Skills | 2 – 8 day programme

This programme has been developed to increase sales revenue through the development of professional sales skills and the ability to demonstrate value to the customer. Sales people will learn to use a range of tools and skills that will enable them to communicate value, overcome objections, increase margins and close sales quickly and effectively.

The programme can be delivered in a modular block format linked to the 7 stage sales cycle. Each programme is tailored to meet the specific business requirements of the client (product, sector or service) and to enable sales people to operate in line with internal systems and processes.

Business Benefits Programme Content Related Training Programmes

As a result of attending this programme participants will be able to communicate value, overcome objections and maximise margins.

  • The sales cycle and the buying process
  • Understanding and developing an individual sales style
  • Strategies for setting, achieving and exceeding sales targets
  • Using sales communication and influencing skills and techniques
  • Communicating value to the customer
  • Delivering high impact sales presentations
  • Negotiation skills and techniques
  • Maximising price and protecting margins
  • Closing the sale and gaining commitment
  • Customer relationship management
  • Strategies for delivering first class customer care
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