Developing Mentoring | 1 – 2 day programme

This programme is aimed at managers and HR specialists who want to learn how to develop and implement a formal mentoring programme in their organisation.

The programme explores the design phase in detail and provides participants with the knowledge they need to ensure that the programme is strategically aligned and embedded in line management practices for the future.

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As a result of attending this programme participants will be able to design and implement a mentoring programme that is strategically aligned to their business objectives and linked to their existing HR policies and practices.

  • Identifying the need for a formal mentoring programme
  • Designing a programme that is aligned to strategic business objectives
  • Communicating the benefits of a mentoring programme to the organisation
  • Creating a programme framework
  • Identifying and managing programme stakeholders
  • Linking the programme to existing HR processes
  • Creating a project implementation plan
  • Identifying and training mentors
  • Managing mentees
  • Overcoming resistance to the programme
  • Strategies to maintain programme momentum and effectiveness
  • Evaluating a formal mentoring programme
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