Cultural Awareness | 1 – 2 day programme

A programme aimed at business professionals who want to learn how to work effectively in a diverse cultural environment and how to leverage diversity to achieve outstanding business results. This programme will provide participants with a detailed understanding of the strategic importance of cultural diversity in international businesses today and a comprehensive range of strategies for how to manage themselves and their team in a culturally diverse environment.

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As a result of attending this programme participants will be able to use their knowledge of cultural diversity in a way that leverages differences and approach to contribute to the achievement of outstanding results for the business.

  • The strategic importance of cultural diversity
  • Identifying and understanding key cultural groups (e.g. US, Asia, Nordic, China - selected groups can be tailored by the organisation)
  • Recognising and managing cultural assumptions
  • Understanding how culture affects behaviour and performance and the knock on effect on global processes and ways of working
  • Overcoming cultural barriers
  • Leveraging cultural differences
  • Building relationships with people from different cultures
  • Managing a 'business' culture within a 'geographical' culture
  • Managing cultural differences in a customer relationship
  • Maximising the effectiveness of a multicultural team or project
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