Coaching Skills for Sales Managers | 2 day programme

This programme is aimed at Sales Managers who want to enhance their existing coaching skills in order to get the most out of their sales team. It’s based around an internationally renowned coaching model and has been designed to develop performance coaching skills that will enable the sales manager to work with each team member, to agree stretching targets and to co-create effective strategies to achieve them.

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As a result of attending this programme Sales Managers will be able to use a range of performance coaching tools and strategies to coach and inspire their sales people to achieve outstanding sales results.

  • Principles of effective performance coaching in sales
  • Coaching as a sales management style – situational leadership
  • The 4 stage performance coaching model
  • Removing barriers to effective sales coaching
  • Structuring coaching sessions and programmes
  • Creating compelling objectives that are linked to achieving sales targets
  • Aligning team objectives to customer needs
  • Strategies for empowering sales people
  • Using active listening and dynamic questioning
  • Renewing sales performance and giving and receiving constructive feedback
  • Managing and rewarding high performance
  • Enabling continuous learning and personal development
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