Account Management | 2 day programme

This is an intensive and interactive 2 day training programme designed to give sales managers the tools and techniques that they need in order to manage key accounts strategically to build long term relationships and deliver outstanding customer service.

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As a result of attending this programme participants will be able to take a strategic approach to account management and create long term profitable customer relationships.

  • Evaluate the fundamental attributes of a key account
  • Define clear roles and responsibilities of key account managers
  • Assess a customer’s organisational culture and it’s fit with your organisation
  • Research clients financial performance and future business objectives
  • Develop a competitor matrix
  • Create a contact matrix and ensure all team members are aware of their roles and responsibilities.
  • Apply key motivational theory and its relevance to maintaining good client relationships
  • Understand buyer motivation and how it can be influenced
  • How to effectively network within an account
  • Maintain team focus ensuring account objectives and key tasks are meet
  • Recognise where influence and authority lies and its impact on account activity
  • Understand the importance of product development within a key account
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