Testimonial – SMS Meer

Having used a number of training providers over the last 10 years, BLT have always had a different, much more proactive and value adding approach. The first aspect of any interaction with BLT is their desire to understand what the required outcomes are of any training programme, so that a programme can be designed and tailored to meet this need.

They have a depth of understanding and experience of almost all market segments that my teams have operated in and a wealth of knowledge of past and present sales and behavioural techniques to ensure that the most appropriate mechanism is used to develop the individual.

BLT provide a professional solution that is project managed from start to finish, including all the necessary arrangements and communications with the participants and the organiser. This will often include pre and post programme calls which gives the participants the opportunity to highlight their expectations and also, very importantly, starts to measure the impact of the program in real terms. For example, the value of orders that have been placed as a direct result of the skills that participants have gained through the training programme. A final strength of BLT is their ability to work across the globe, tailoring their delivery and content to the cultures and different markets in which we all operate.