Myla DeLoatch

Sales Facilitator and Performance Development Coach

Myla is a seasoned consultant with over 20 years of practical business expertise. A specialist in sales and performance development, Myla draws on her broad experience to provide results driven services.

An inspiring learning facilitator with great passion and the ability to motivate behavioural change, Myla has trained and coached professionals in the USA and globally. She is often recognised for her dynamic presentation and group management skills.

Myla’s insight and versatility have allowed her to provide training, coaching and consulting in a wide range of markets. She has worked with clients such as Baxter International, Choice Hotels, IBM, Intel, Intelistaf, LinkedIn, NASA, Nextel Communications, Ford Direct, United Healthcare, United States Postal Service and Xerox.

Prior to her career in performance development, Myla had 15 years experience with Xerox in various sales and leadership capacities. She is also a former professor at George Washington University.

Myla is based in the USA