Our MD comments on the outstanding salesmanship in this weeks Apprentice

19th October 2018

As featured in businessadvice

The show this week was thoroughly entertaining as usual, and it was great to see the teams mixed up a bit. Although both teams produced some questionable flavours, this week’s victory for Team Typhoon ultimately came down to outstanding salesmanship. While the winning team would’ve crashed and burned in the Great British Bake Off, they excelled at selling their unappetizing treats by exhibiting world-class relationship-building skills with their target audience. Kayode was the star of this episode, repeatedly provided the rest of the team with shining examples of relating to potential customers on their level and building rapport in a short amount of time before closing the deal.

Camilla’s bullish leadership didn’t do the team any favours and having failed to listen to the concern of Sabrina, her sub-team leader, at the quality control, her dictatorial style really put the team at risk. From the appearance of those doughnuts, Kayode’s persuasive salesmanship is what won it for the team this week.

Team Collaborative, on the other hand, lacked any real leadership at all, despite producing a superior product. Tom took his diplomatic leadership style to the extreme, failing to make a single decision himself. While diplomacy is a valued leadership attribute, people expect leaders to provide direction and this means taking on the responsibility of decision making.

Frank’s departure didn’t come as much of a surprise after last week’s boardroom encounter. His behaviour revealed a potential lack of emotional intelligence that would be poorly received in any workplace. The team’s overabundant use of chilli also showed a lack of understanding of what your audience wants. The team failed to understand where their energies should be focused, spending too much time on the bespoke “B” doughnuts and failing to give enough time and resource to the mass-market product which could have generated stronger profits.

Budding entrepreneurs take note- do your research, never try to flog a product or a service to a customer that you wouldn’t be happy to receive yourself, and invest in the training and development of your sales team”.