Designing Bespoke Training Materials

12th February 2016

Having worked for many years with companies who either specialise in technically complex products, or who place an emphasis on a specific way of working, we know that communicating those complexities through internal training, to other employees can be challenging.  Often the technical experts who are needed to train others in the organisation don’t have the skills required to effectively pass on their expertise.

By aligning our training approach with a company’s technical know-how or their internal processes we create highly effective, bespoke training materials.  By simplifying content and by structuring key knowledge within a learning framework materials become manageable, user-friendly and easily accessed, giving technical experts the skills they need to cascade highly technical information and processes to other people within the organisation. 

This was the situation facing BIC, manufacturers of shavers and stationary, who have a company-specific approach to project management.  To enable BIC to train their staff in this approach we worked with their European Talent Development Director, Agnes Le Leuch to design 2 interactive modules based around their project management processes and tools.  BIC were then able to train their project managers who in the longer term cascaded their knowledge throughout the company.   

Taking this approach a step further, over the last 10 years, we’ve designed a whole range of internally run training programs that have given technical trainers the skills they needed to really effect positive change within their organisations.  We’ve supported them all the way through from establishing the objectives of their initiatives, to gaining internal support and buy-in and creating action-focussed learning materials that can be used to embed the learning long after the training has finished.