Customer Experience Excellence

20th October 2015

Finnish company Glaston, who deliver leading technologies and services to manufacturers of heat-treated glass, places customer services skills at the heart of their organisation. Over the past few months BLT have been working with them to design a training programme that builds on their existing ethos of providing exceptional customer care, for both internal and external customers.

Participants on the 2 day pilot programme valued the strong focus on communication styles, identifying both their own and customers’ styles, and learning how to bring their approach in line with the customers’. Participants also saw that this approach would be of benefit when communicating within their organisation.

Sessions on active listening and dynamic questioning were geared towards understanding customer needs and seeing things from the customer’s perspective, with one participant commenting that in the future they will ‘listen to the customer and really find their needs before answering’.

Participants also took part in an activity to identify customer expectations at each stage of Glaston’s projects and service provision, creating best practice strategies for exceeding that expectation in the future.

In the weeks following the pilot BLT's project manager will be working with Glaston to embed the participants' learning and reporting on participants' perceived behavioural change in business performance.