At BLT we believe that well designed and well facilitated meetings are an essential part of implementing change and getting things done in business today. Through our professional facilitation service, we help organisations to have high impact meetings that lead to better decisions, concrete action plans and ultimately better results. We offer a team of highly trained, multilingual, graphic facilitators who have significant experience in facilitating meetings around the world across all business sectors and levels. Our facilitators specialise in enabling both small and large groups to work together to collaborate, generate ideas, make decisions, agree actions and achieve a positive outcome for the business.

Our approach to facilitation:

Pre-work – we conduct pre-meeting interviews, clarify goals and objectives, design the agenda, and plan activities.

Logistics – we work with you to select an appropriate approach to group work, finalise meeting flow, prepare materials that are aligned to the objectives and create a pragmatic working environment.

Project management – we provide a full project management service to prepare and follow up the event.

Participant commitment – we encourage participation from all attendees to guarantee maximum commitment to the task at hand because we believe this is what leads to a meaningful conclusion and real results. We also believe that it is important that all participants enjoy the session and ensure that there are a variety of activities to provide everyone with the opportunity to be heard.

Graphic facilitation – we use wall charts and posters to provide visual representations of information and processes. This assists with understanding and gets participants up and active as part of the session, maximising individual contribution.

Reporting – we review the impact of the meeting and provide a comprehensive final report documenting open items, topics discussed, and actions agreed to.