Customised Training Design

As experts in people development, we offer a full training design service where we work with you to develop and co-create custom built training programmes that be delivered either by BLT or internally by your own trainers.

Our training design services cover 3 key areas:

  1. Strategic reviews of existing training
  2. Development of internal training programmes and associated materials
  3. Programme handover and "Train the Trainer" initiatives

Strategic reviews of existing training

We work with you to review your existing training solutions whether delivered by internal trainers or external training suppliers. This includes:

  • Assessing the impact, organisational fit, and success of existing training programmes and initiatives
  • Identifying key areas for improvement and providing recommendations in an easy to implement report format
  • Providing links and references to external best practice examples and resource centres

Development of internal training programmes and materials

We use our extensive knowledge and expertise to develop highly effective training packages that can be based on your content or our existing training programmes and can be delivered in a variety of ways within your business. This includes:

  • Training session slides
  • Participant materials
  • Pre-work documentation
  • Interactive activities including business specific case studies and role plays
  • Developing follow up processes including participant feedback and post-workshop analysis of learning implementation
  • Development of coaching and mentoring processes to sustain learning

Programme handover and "Train the Trainer"

We help you to maximise the impact and long term success of your internal training programmes by providing you with a range of implementation solutions. These include:

  • Developing and delivering detailed train the trainer programmes so you can use your own trainers to deliver their programmes
  • Providing ongoing project management and support for internal trainers to maximise the effectiveness of the programmes that they run