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BIC – Development of a suite of project management tools and training modules to be delivered by BIC training experts


To design an interactive project management training programme based on the Bic way of managing projects and to be delivered by internal project management experts. 


Bic is a global leader in the manufacturing of pens, lighters and shavers with over 9,200 employees around the world.  Its products are present in more than 3.2million retail outlets in 160 countries globally. 


Bic had already studied Used the Bic approach to project management to develop a training programme that can be delivered in a variety of formats (face to face or virtual). The final package incorporated participant pre-work, session slides, interactive activities, discussions, interactive polls and post programme action implementation and was completely tailored to reflect Bic’s branding. 


Feedback on the finalised materials has been very positive and the package will continue to be used in the future to upskill project managers as required.