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About us

Founded in 2001, we work with large, global businesses to help them to develop the capability of their people to achieve outstanding results. 

Our head office team and project managers are based in the UK and we use an international team of locally based consultants, trainers, executive coaches and facilitators to collaborate with our customers to design and deliver customised development solutions and training programmes. 

Our people are trained to use a wide range of psychometric and behavioural assessment tools, including Everything Disc, Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI), SDI, MBTI, Pulse and we are able to integrate these within our solutions as best fits the need of the organisation. 

Since 2001 our business has grown as a result of the positive impact of our solutions and the consistently high feedback that we receive. 

What makes us different

Central to our identity and the way that we do business are our values, which guide our operations and the portfolio of solutions that we provide.

Our people

We work internationally to provide a portfolio of training programmes and custom built solutions.