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News Item10th May 2017

Multi-phase global leadership program a major success

Following many months of collaboration with the people development team at Huhtamaki, global...

News Item10th May 2017

Giving General Business Managers the edge

The job of a general business manager is tough one – leading and aligning a multitude of...

News Item10th May 2017

Tips for choosing an Executive Coach

As organisations look for increasingly cost effective ways to accelerate the performance of...

News Item26th September 2016

Multi-phase learning – have you got your ducks in a row?

E-learning? Blended learning? On the job? Which approach to training is the most effective,...

News Item26th September 2016

Training trends for 2017

Are you currently putting in place your training strategy for next year? MD, Kevin Fox rounds...

News Item13th May 2016

Finnish business publication Fakta on BLT's work with KONE

Elevator manufacturer Kone has, in the past six years, trained many of their middle management...

News Item19th April 2016

Breakfast at the British Embassy

Last month, we invited 50 of Finland’s leading business professionals to the British Embassy...

News Item12th April 2016

Sharing Experiences for Collaborative Success

Having just returned from hosting a very successful networking event in Helsinki, where we...

News Item11th April 2016

Unleash the Creativity of your Technical People

One challenge, common in highly technical organisations, is how to unleash creative capability...


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Breakfast at the British Embassy